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We at Renegade hydrovac are a forward thinking, locally owned company that believes in standing behind our core values of being responsible in our approach to servicing our clients and providing them with the highest of quality when it comes to service, safety and customer satisfaction.

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Trenching at any depth has become increasingly difficult considering the cluttered maze of underground utilities that lie beneath our feet. From telecommunications to power lines to pipelines, it’s a challenge as there is no set regulation for setting the depth of the utility. Safer than mechanically digging the trench, it’s also convenient as a hydrovac is able to dig trenches in tighter spaces.

Post And Pile Holes

Much like trenching, post and pile hole digging mechanically poses problems when working around today’s busy underground infrastructure layout. Hydrovacing becomes a solution to this problem as we can dig to any depth safely without damaging the utility. We also have the ability to use remote hose for locations that don’t allow us to get close enough with the truck.


The Hydrovac first daylights the buried line to confirm its location. The shoring cage or box is then set up at grade, and the Hydrovac then pulls material from inside the cage to sink the shoring in place and secure the walls of the excavation. The result is cost effective and has safe access by regulatory standards to the buried infrastructure with minimal environmental impact.

Utility Location

Utility locating by hydrovac has become an industry standard to determine depth and visually locate utility lines before mechanically excavating within 1 meter of any utility. Besides the obvious reason of increased safety using a hydrovac truck, there’s also less likelihood of damaging the utility.

Directional Drilling Support

Hydrovac services play an integral role in directional drill projects by providing utility locates and digging sight holes so that drillers remain on their drill path. Hydrovac can also provide support for the transportation of drilling fluids and frac clean up.

Frozen Ground Excavation

As a company operating out of Northern Alberta, working in the winter months is inevitable. Our trucks are equipped with one million BTU boilers to heat the water to cut through frozen ground making the hydrovac process possible twelve months a year. In the winter months, hydrovacing becomes the ONLY method to expose under ground utilities as hand exposing with a shovel is not possible.

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Hydro excavation has become one of the most commonly used tools in the oilfield and construction industries for one common reason and that is they are a safer, time efficient and cost effective way to excavate around today’s maze of underground utilities. Damage prevention and environmental liability are other important reasons to use hydrovac as your primary source of excavation.

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