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Who We Are

We are very pleased to introduce Renegade Hydrovac Ltd, Alberta’s new leader in hydrovac services. Our specialized group of professionals, from Management to hydrovac operators, are some of the highest trained and experienced group in the industry. Our hydrovac company takes pride in safety, efficiency and client satisfaction. Our current clients have extended appreciation for our highly skilled and personable staff, leading edge hydrovac trucks, unique hydro-excavation techniques, expedited response times and site efficiency, saving our clients time and money.

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Our First Priority is in Safety

Safety and damage prevention are critical issues; especially important when considering the amount of work that is done around pipelines and underground utilities. We are committed to the highest safety standards in our industry and therefore, providing a safe work environment to protect our employees, clients, the public and the environment.


In Quality and Efficiency

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to provide our customers with the highest quality of service possible and completing projects in a timely manner ensuring that we are your number 1 choice for a hydrovac contractor.  To us it’s much more than just another job, we’re creating a relationship and it’s with this approach that we create long term partnerships with our clients.


Of Experience and Professionalism

With over 25 years combined experience under our belt it isn’t hard to tell that we’ve been around the industry for some time. We strive to achieve the “customer first” approach leaving the egos at the door when we come to work and it shows with the long list of satisfied customers.

Our Services


Safer than traditional mechanical trenching when working around underground utilities.

Utility Location

Hiring a hydrovac contractor ensures delicate removal of ground material to locate and expose buried lines.

Shoring Installation

Safe access to buried infrastructure while minimizing size of excavation.

Frozen Ground Excavation

One million BTU boiler on board. Cut through frozen ground like a hot knife though butter.

Post and Pile Holes

Precise and Safe digging of post & pile holes. Our 30’ of boom reach and 100’ of remote hose means your landscaping won’t be damaged.

Directional Drilling Support

Our hydrovac company can handle the removal of materials during drilling operations.

Serving North Central Alberta