Hydrovac Shoring

One of the services we offer is shoring. Shoring is the process of bracing the wall of a trench or excavation to prevent collapse and allow a safe environment for workers to enter and conduct repairs or complete installations of utilities or services.

The process generally begins with the Hydrovac first exposing the underground service to confirm its location. Once the target is identified the shoring selection will be defined by the specifics of what needs to be done. If workers are required to go down into the trench or excavation, the shoring must have sufficient space to accommodate this. The shoring cage or box is then set up at grade, and the Hydrovac removes only the required material to sink the cage into the excavation and secure the walls. The result is a safe and cost effective way to create suitable access meeting regulatory standards and allow workers to access the utilities with minimal impact to the surrounding infrastructure and environment.

Here is an example of a shoring cage in position for a worker to safely complete a repair on underground services without risk of trench collapse.