Post and Pile Holes

Much like trenching, mechanical post and pile hole digging poses problems when working around today’s busy underground infrastructure layout. Hydrovacing services becomes the solution to this problem as we can dig to any depth safely without damaging any utilities that may be present.

Often the layout of these post/pile holes cover a matrix within the property or form a boundary around a property. In nearly all instances they will intersect underground utilities at some point. The typical methods of post/pile hole digging using an auger or excavator are unable to accurately locate these utilities and could cause significant damage to them during the excavation process. In fact, even ground disturbances in the area near a buried utility can cause failure or disruption.

The gradual and gentle process of hydrovac allows for efficient removal of the necessary materials without damaging the underground utilities. Similar to an auger, the hydrovac will allow the operator to create a precise and accurate hole to any depth, but unlike the auger, it will not harm and utilitues that intersect or border the hole.

Another key advantage to the use of hydrovac is that we can use a remote hose to access difficult to reach areas that typical mechanical devices cannot get to.